When you’re looking to install an elevator, there are several factors that you should consider. The cost of the elevator, capacity, and design are essential factors in determining whether modernization is worth it for your building. As with any project, there are also safety concerns and ways to improve efficiency with modernizations like upgraded controls and systems.

Sometimes the elevator manufacturer is different from the company that installs the system. Elevators are complex machines that require a lot of expertise to install and maintain. There are many different manufacturers of elevators, and every building has its requirements for lift installation.

The benefit of Installing an Elevator

You need to choose a company with experience installing the elevators you want to use, so you can be confident in their ability to do so properly. The following are some benefits of installing an elevator:

  • They can increase your productivity while saving time and money on transportation costs.
  • They help you save space in a building because they don't need any special room or area for storage; they just fit right into their place without taking up much space at all!
  • Property worth….


When it comes to elevators, safety is the most critical factor. Elevators are a must when it comes to safety. Safety is the most crucial factor when installing elevators. It should be able to understand that the lift can carry the weight of multiple messengers simultaneously.

You need to test the elevator for its maximum capacity before regulating it for the public. You will also have to complete safety checks on the area where the lift will be installed.

Our lifts are with below safety features:

  1. Emergency landing device with UPS
  2. Safety circuit protection
  3. Speed governor for cabin and counterweight.
  4. Emergency light and Emergency Bell.
  5. Full height certain light sensor
  6. Automatic rescue device.
  7. Doors lock protection.
  8. Upper and down limit protection.
  9. Buffer.
  10. Fault automatic testing.

10. Limit switches.

And more as per selective elevator.


Capacity is the number of people or items that can be carried by elevator at one time. It is typically measured in terms of weight and person capacity it all depends on your space availability and required capacity. As per EU, standard one person assumes 75 kgs so 6 passenger lift for 450 kgs and 630 kgs lift for 8 passengers 1000kgs lifts for 13 passengers as per EU standard…  if you have a light load to carry and your elevator has a maximum capacity of 400 kg. It is important to analyze your requirement and to get the lift that suits your required capacity.


It's a very important factor in lift <

Different type of elevator has different speed and also depend on the traveling of the elevator……. 1 meter per second (1m/s.) 1.6m/s.  , 2m/s. , 3m/s. We can provide as per traveling height and or customer requirements.


The design of the elevator system should be based on the use of the elevator. The size, number, and location of elevators are critical factors you need to consider when designing an indoor elevator. It is also important to consider building size and architectural style because it will determine how many people can be accommodated in the lift in your building.

In addition, there may be different sets of requirements for different types of buildings, such as office buildings versus hotels. Therefore, it’s best if we know what kind of building has been constructed beforehand to ensure that the lift meets the required capacity of the building. 


While the installation cost depends on the elevator's size and type, it's generally considered to be in line with other building materials. However, if you're looking for an elevator that's both easy to install and maintain, you may want to consider modernizing your system and its cost simultaneously.

The cost for maintenance will vary depending on many factors, such as location, hours worked per day, and the number of elevators installed or repaired per year. Also, some companies offer reduced rates for clients who want older systems. However, you need to adopt the latest technologies to ensure safety.

Construction and Installation time

The construction and installation time for an elevator is based on the size of the platform and the number of floors. It also depends on how many people will use it and other factors such as weather conditions and construction site accessibility.

The construction process for an elevator is complex because it requires a lot of components, including cables and pulleys, that must all be assembled properly before being installed in your building.

The installation process itself is intensive, along with manufacturing. Therefore, it is essential to hire a lift manufacturer and installation company in the early construction phase of your building.

Elevator Technicians are trained and experienced to do the job.

Elevator technicians are trained and experienced to do the job. They have the skills, knowledge, and experience to install your elevator system. They are also licensed and insured, so you can be confident in their workmanship whenever they perform an installation project for you.

Elevators are a complex system that requires highly skilled professionals who know how to maintain them properly. Therefore, you must hire a professional company for your lift installation with a highly-trained and professional team. Easy Move Elevator company has trained experts. Please feel free to contact Easy Move Elevator Company to book an appointment!

Elevator modernization

Elevator modernization is a cost-effective way to increase your building’s value and keep it in compliance with safety codes and regulations. Modernized elevators can be installed quickly and easily without disrupting the client’s experience or creating additional work.

Modernization is also an excellent option if you’re looking for a new feature added, an existing feature removed, or simply a speed upgrade that will increase efficiency while improving safety standards. For example, modernization could allow an elevator to travel faster, give access to more floors, or add safety features such as an emergency push button or call option.

Security Cameras for Safety Concerns

Engineers can install security cameras and other features to update elevators. Security cameras can be installed in elevators to monitor activity. The cameras will not only keep you safe but also ensure that your elevator is working properly and maintaining its condition. If someone attempts to tamper with the system or vandalize it, they will be caught on camera.

In addition to monitoring your system's performance, security cameras can also help detect vandalism, theft, and other criminal activity related to elevators. This helps ensure that no one takes advantage of this valuable resource while also ensuring that any issues are resolved promptly so that no one gets hurt or injured by a lack of maintenance or simply negligence.

Final Verdict

We have listed some of the benefits of modernization in different situations, and we are sure you will find that it is an excellent way to improve your building’s safety and security. Let us know if any of these factors apply to your elevator installation project! We want to help ensure that you get exactly what you need from us. Feel free to contact Easy Move Elevator Company for your building’s elevator installation.